ROOF ROOF, bad dog Keystone RV Inc. bad dog!

Let me start this with some background info, my wife and I travel the country with 14 of the most talented dogs in the world, the Ultimutts! We do this in a 37 foot 2005 Keystone Raptor 5th Wheel ToyHauler.  We bought this trailer because we wanted the best, we spent alot of time before we made our decision on trying to get the ULTIMUTT in an rv, one that would stand the test of time. We looked at what seemed like hundreds of trailers and decided on the Raptor.

I’m sad to say that buying this trailer has been one of the worse decisions we have ever made. Since we have bought this trailer we have gone through 10 tires, I have weighed the trailer loaded and unloaded and am not over any limits. I am real careful to spread the weight evenly and still have to replace a tire every 4,000 miles. I’m “guessing” that there is alignment issues and will have that checked soon.

One of the cables on the drop down garage door ramp broke causing the door to come crashing down on my wifes car breaking the front windshield and just about breaking my arm!

The most recent problem is the roof, I noticed recently that there was some wrinkles on the side of the rubber roof that folds over the side of the rv. I kept an eye on this for some time and it really did not get worse. About a month ago we made a trip to Arizona to perform, on the way we ran into the crazy winds you do passing through New Mexico. I have noticed that the screws come loose on one of my Air Max vents in windy weather and knew that sometime I would have to crawl up on the roof to tighten screws. On the way home from Arizona I did in fact do this and to my horror the rubber roof was basically separating from the wood underneath it in a number of places. Here is a picture of the front part of that roof.

Rubber roof wrinkles

Rubber roof wrinkles

This picture was taken when we got home, the tears near the vent were not present when I first noticed the wrinkles, the wrinkles were catching the wind causing it to start and tear near that vent area.

I did some research on-line and knew I had to take the RV to a Keystone authorized dealer and on the way home we stopped by one of these in Carthage MO. They were awesome and took some pictures of the damage and submitted them along with a write up to Keystone to see if they would cover the cost of repairs.

Now I knew darn well that the trailer was out of warranty but also knew that the roofs on rvs are typically warrantied by the roof manufacture themselves and those are usually between 5 to 15 years.

I have to add that there were no holes or damage in this roof whatsoever (like I said I go up on the roof all the time to tighten screws) with the exception of a small hole about the size of a pencil eraser near the very back of the trailer near the roof ladder that I patched a year ago and the rubber roof glue around that hole was holding, the same size hole was behind the ac unit which I also patched about the same time, the glue was also holding near and around this repair, there was zero evidence that these holes could/would have caused the roof to separate from the wood i.e. the holes allowing air to get between the rubber and the wood. It so happened that these areas were the few on the roof that was not separating!

After a couple days wait, I get the bad news from Keystone that they will not cover this issue because it was out of warranty. Of course I’m not happy about it but we are given a customer service number to call. We call this number and not only are they short with us but they flat out will not discuss this with us other than say they wont cover the cost of repair and that we cannot make a claim with the roof manufacture.

Now I can see and would accept it if I caused this damage or if there was anything I did to create this problem but I did not. So my question is this, on a 2005 Keystone trailer, 4 years into it are we to expect the roof to fall off?! Of course not, this was/is a manufacture flaw period and Keystone should take care of this.

Since I need this trailer for my business I was forced to get it repaired immediately. I had to make a claim with my insurance company, so after a $500. deductible and $250. depreciation I had the roof replaced, a $6500.00 replacement that thank god my insurance company covered. I picked up the trailer today and get this, the new roof is warrantied for 10 years!

What do I want out of this? Actually I want a new trailer! This one is horrible and has cost me since day one, when I get the chance I will have the axles all checked for alignment issues but what can I expect, its got 15 inch tires on a 37 foot Toyhauler! Those are the stock tires/axles on that model and they are “WAY” undersized and isnt it funny that all the new models which are lighter, now have 16 inch tires. In the very least I would like the money I spent getting this repaired refunded to me by Keystone RV Inc. Warrantied or not this is just the “right thing to do”.

In these days of economic uncertainty I wish I was in the position to junk the trailer and buy from another company but I am not and have to stick with this trailer through thick and thin. It breaks my heart because I thought before this happened that Keystone was a top notched company, I quickly found out they are not. I always wondered why my dogs prefer to “mark” the tires on that trailer, they prefer to mark things that stink up the joint!

Until Keystone RV Inc. steps up to the plate in this matter, trust me I will be telling everyone possible about this entire issue and since we stay at many many campgrounds all year long I’m sure they would love to hear about it.



  1. Bill Kleman Said:

    I feel for ya, glad you got a new roof on or your entire trailer would of fell apart before your eyes. just a point you can switch the hubs to 16 or maybe even 17 inch then run that size tire. i know another expense.
    your axles must be moving around and also with trailers the more twist and hard turns or jacking one corner up way too much will twist the framing that is welded but alot of joints are only spoted welded and they break loose then your axle walk. we bought a 1990 rockwood trailer 33 ft
    awsome inside. after moving it couple times roof leaks and is know bowed in im planning on putting on my own roof black epdm rubber with tapered breatherboard under neath so water runs off the side. my next trailer is going to be a new one now that we have a regauler campsite.

    • Today I started the process of replacing the axles and rims etc. I found out shortly later that there is not enough room for 16’s! So now the plan is to make sure the axles are straight, then replace all the hardware underneath and moving up to Load “E’s” 10 plys……

  2. Travis Dryman Said:

    two weeks ago we lost our roof on a raptor 3924. rv is one year and two months old . we called keystone they agreed to repair but with limits to what they will cover . we lost two weeks of our long planed vacation with not so much as a sorry for the problem from keystone. I am for a class action suit against them, the problem is caused by the way it is installed.

    • I’m with ya 100%. Let me know if you do in fact file that suit. Its a terrible company to deal with and with the economy the way it is you think a company of that size would be bending over backwards to stay on the good side of its customers.

  3. John of Fishkill, NY Said:

    2004 3512 Raptor Toyhauler that also has mis-aligned axles only on the right side. Not covered by Keystone and Lippert(axle manufacturer). My roof has no tears/rips but has become unglued and will need to be replaced. I too will redesign and replace the damaged plywood (leaking somewhere) but I will do the work myself. Very expensive unit but once the papers were signed I was on my own. Am I angry… but water leaks will destroy the unit. BTW I have replaced all three tires on the right side, they will self destruct on their own.

    • A follow-up, the new roof is hanging in there, no issues and we replaced all the axle hardware underneath, most if not all the shackles, yokes etc etc had extreme wear and tear which explained the crazy tire wear. Since the replacement we have put approx 10 thousand miles on the new tires and hardware and everything looks perfect, thank god. Still pissed at Keystone, I see thousands of their trailers on the road throughout our travels and to treat their customers like they have us, is horrible!

  4. Hfurll Said:

    i won’t be buying from them thanks to this.


  5. I just sold a 2001 Montana 2955RL. I had purchased it used, and of course I had no problems with it, since the previous owner had all the bugs long-since worked out of it. It worries me to say that I am in the process of buying a new Everest, also made by keystone. I have owned a few 5th wheels in my life, and the new ones have ALWAYS been a sore in my side. It doesn’t matter who the manufacture is, they all seem to have issues. It amazes me that at the cost of these things, they don’t have a better quality control system in place. I was just as upset with Fleetwood as you are with Keystone, but I do agree, they should not treat you like you’ll never do business with them again. Its the very reason I will never by a Fleetwood again. And they foget, your the one pulling their name behind you advertising for them…I would think they would want you to be happy with their service as you are in a position to “sell” their products for them, or speak against them as a company.

  6. Matt Tufts Said:

    Any advancement on a class action suit?

    • Sorry Matt nothing new on the suit front. With the purchase of the new trailer and my business in general I dont have the time or money to pursue this, I’m sure thats what Keystone banks on but one day someone with time and money will go after them.

  7. Tom TnT Clements Said:

    Follow-up part 2, we started having tire issues again and finally decided to trade in the Raptor and bought a Cyclone from Heartland, best move we have ever made! The Cyclone is everything I wanted a Toy Hauler to be, very happy with it. Funny addition to this, in the past month we have been passed on the freeway (on coming traffic) by two Raptors that looked like the same model as my old one, both of these the front part of the rubber roof was lifted off the trailer and looked like a huge dome flying in the wind. Obviously they will loose those roofs in no time. Come on Keystone step up to the plate and take care of this problem!

  8. Dan Purselley Said:

    WEll i have a story. I purchased a 2010 Montana. I was in the market for a toyhauler but the so called respected dealer did not have one length wise. I was going to leave but the salesman asked me to look at a 3750RL Hickory addition. I was inpressed but told the salesman there was no place to carry my atv, tools, and my hunting dogs. I asked him if a hitch could be installed so i could tripple tow. He said of course they install hitches all the time on these units. After agreeing to a price i purchased the unit. I was told i had to take it with me right then and return to have the hitch and a generator installed. So a few weeks later i hauled it the 120 miles one way and dropped it off for the installation. I also told them that one of the cable slides was making grinding noise inside the unit and wanted that fixed. After calling two times and three weeks later i was told there was an ongoing debate between the slide manufacture and Kestone as to who was responsible for the cost of the slide repair. I decided to call Keystone direct to find out what the heck was the problem and to my suprise they had not heard from the dealer and new nothing about it. I called the dealer and asked them what was going on and i guess Kestone had contacted them and they would not return my calls. I went in to pick it up. At the time i called Keystone they informed me that by installing a hitch on the fifthwheel it voided any warrenty from them. The Keystone service dept. informed me that by towing behind the unit it would eventually cause damage to the interior walls. I told the dealer this and they said they knew nothing about this tow hitch voiding the warrenty but they would honor the one year warrenty on the unit. To make this a shorter story i still had the slide issue (don’t worry it won’t hurt anything from dealer) so it didn’t get fixed. On the issue of the hitch (don’t worry we have installed hundreds or more and had no issues. The dealers service then stopped returning my calls. I contacted Keystone again and they told me it was between me and the dealer. Later found out the cable system didn’t work, the kitchen fan is grinding, and a few other things. I took it to another dealer to fix these and brought it home, they saying everything was repaired. Not one thing on my list of problems was repaired by this other dealer. I wanted my unused coach taken back for Breach of contract. The dealer told me to bad i bought it. Keystone would not defend me at all. Now i have to do the work as being disabled i can’t afford to take it to another dealer. Kestone was supposed to be the best. There is much more to the dealing with Keystone but you all can understand my problem. I will file against the dealer for fraud and breach of contract wiht the state of Montana but i feel i am just screwed. So much for Keystone!!!! Hope my roof stays on. Thanks.

  9. Peter Schemenauer Said:

    I have 2000 miles on my Keystone Cougar 30′ FKV, love the layout and interior unfortunately it stops there.The aluminium ”rock”guard is breaking up not due to rocks but flutters in the breeze because it is paper thin and unsupported. The front windows leak, the closet rod fell off by the time we had travelled 200 miles, the DVD player does not work, the water connection bulged the first time I connected it and blew off in my face. I washed the unit when we got home from our first trip , using a good long bristle brush I just touched a door stop and it broke off as did a clearence light cover and believe me I am anal as to how I care for things.The quality of this unit is extremely poor. We bought this unit to travel south for the winter months but frankly we do not trust even using the unit. With all the problems we see already we suspect the majors such as slides, roof, plumbing etc. will be coming very quickly, frankly I shudder when puting out or pulling in a slide. To top it off we are Canadians and bought the unit in the USA. When I contacted the company we bought the unit from we were told to go get estimates for repair, four dealers here in Canada said they will not touch it, take it back where you bought it. We just retired and were really looking forward to winters down south as we had bought a new truck for towing and the trailer expecting many years of service.We are seriously considering the cancellation of our trip south this year, we don’t need the stress this trailer has created already and some of the fun has gone from the whole rv’ ing idea.
    Kind of off the subject but I feel we have sold our soals for cheap. Yes we can buy a new set of sockets for twenty dollars but we get one use and throw them away and I see this trailer the same.
    I would be willing to kick in some money to a law suit just to teach these guys a bit of a lesson and I guess to try to get back on building some quality in what we do. The horendous quantity of resource we use to create junk today does not bode well for our future

  10. Karen Martin Said:

    Well, like all of you, Keystone should be ashamed of themselves. The worst is that Good Sam promotes Keystone. Obviously, they need to do further checking.
    We are not new to the RV circuit as we having Rving since 1972. Previously we always had a Prowler from Fleetwood and NEVER had any problems. We always bought new and had them for about 10-12 years and sold them almost brand new. We did not like any of the new floorplans with Fleetwood and the Cougar seemed to have the only floorplan without the walk-through bath.
    The problems began when we bought the new 2009 Cougar- a 33′ x-tralite from the camping show in Raleigh NC. The trailer has spent most of its short life in for repair. Not only can the repair shops not fix it, but Keystone barely covered what was supposed to be covered, and said since we were having so many problems they would cover it beyond the end of the one year warranty. Yeh right, they went back on their word as I figured they would. Here are some of the problems we have had, and now that I read about the roof, I am really concerned as the roof on the right front has a ripple as two spots on the roof. Now What!! From day one: stereo did not work, tabs for screen broken, dinette blinds do not work over dinette, we shredded two tires on our first trip, cook-stove takes on water, tire rims rusted up in a few months, all of the contact paper on cabinet doors rippled, shower was about to cave in as they forgot to put supports under shower, microwave leaks, both holding tank handles broke off, faucet leaks in kitchen, awning leaks in four spots, has blisters in three spots, make jacks too short, they never reach the ground (they told us to carry blocks) adds to cargo weightand they are not secure unless on the ground, the holding tank control panels do not work after one trip out.
    I am getting to the point of being afraid to take it out as to will break next. We have NEVER had this problem before. I am sure there are more things wrong, I am just waiting till next trip out. In the beginning I had faith in Keystone as they said they would take care of it, but by the time the repair shops got the o.k. from Keystone to do the repairs, and then ordered the parts months had gone past. Now we are getting repairs done on the individual warranty companies. Think I am just about ready to hire an attorney and see about the lemon law. It is just that we have put a lot of money on our own into the rv and not sure what to do now. Disgusted, Karen M.

  11. Carol King Said:

    I have a Keystone Raptor 2008 from day one the generator carb was bad got that fixed the toliet broke got that fixed. the stove doesn’t work right, the refrigerator freezes everthing, and the slide out leaks I keep getting repairs but it still leaks something awful, I had to throw out my couch. I think my trailer was just thrown togeather.

  12. TJ Johnston Said:

    It seems I’m not alone with my Keystone problems. I have a 2008 Cougar that has delamination problems. The outer lamination is separating and forms a large bubble. Keystone has refused to do anything about it and says it’s my fault for not sealing the windows and allowing water to seep in???? I live in Tucson, Arizona, not exactly a rain forest. I’ve gotten estimates and it will cost about $2,000 to repair. At this point I’ll leave it as it and talk with anyone about the problems. Funny how a bubble on the side of your RV becomes a subject of conversation at the campgrounds. I don’t even have to point out the manufacturer thanks to Keystone’s name and logo all over the RV. If you’re ever considering buying an RV, don’t make it a Keystone product.

  13. Christine Ward Said:

    I feel for you I’m going through the same thing, we bought our keystone off the lot new 2008, the front panel has bubbled out and now sunk in, the seals on the roof are leaking like crazy, the bathroom has damage due to water, I have called keystone and they told me we should have had the seals redone every six months, i’m sorry but when you pay 35,oooo for a camper you shouldnt have to deal with this, unlike you my insurance willnot cover this. so what is one to do.

    • Daniel Mera Said:

      I own a 2006 Keystone Laeredo travel trailer and have the same problem. The front of the trailer is bubbling and sinking. Also, the front upper outer wall (fiberglass) has started to bubble. I have owned 5 other travel trailers and have never experience such poor workmanship, To top it off, they never cut the hole for the stove hood exhaust vent. If anyone takes legal action please let me know.

      • Danny Said:

        Well than we must keep this information going. Now my switch to turn on the kitchen\dining overhead lights has gone out. This thing sucks a 30 gal. propane tank in three days with temps. in the low 30 degree range. There are just so many things with my fifth wheel that are just not there with other rigs. Boy what a mistake and a very expensive one at that. I just feel sorry for others that don’t see this blog and buy a Keystone of any kind.

      • Jim clayton Said:

        My 08 outback is doing the same thing,what is causing it?

  14. Keystone is a horrible company bare none. I was at a campground recently and a neighbor had a mobile rv repair guy working on his rv. I struck up a conversation with the repairman and told him about the problems we had with our Raptor. He told me that he will do warranty work for every RV company EXCEPT for Keystone! He said what we all know, they are horrible to deal with, wont pay him his money and there work is below par to say the least. Since I started this blog I have counted 6 Raptors driving down the road with the roof basically falling off! That huge bubble look! What a shame that this company has zero pride of ownership!

  15. Dan Purselley Said:

    Welcome to Keystone RV’s people. Here is more to my story. I purchased a 2010 Keystone 39′ Montana Hickory Package. My problem started at the dealer when they installed a tow hitch on the back of the RV. They failed to mention that Keystone does not allow tow hithces on their fifth wheel RV’s that resulted in them canceling their one year warrenty. Talking to the dealer i was told ” don’t worry it will not hurt the RV. Once the dealer found out I had talked to Kestone they would not service my RV for anything. So i took it into another dealer. The problems were the cable system would not work from the service panel, the overhead kitchen fan was making a rubbing sound, and the out cargo doors leaked water. When i picked up the RV i was told everything was fixed. Well after getting home i found out the cable system had not been fixed. When i checked the cargo doors they opened when locked. The fan i was told did not have a problem!! After running the fan for six hours it froze up and now needs to be replaced. The cable tv cable is run in through a window. When i went to use the shower it leaked through the drain hole that is supposed to let water drain out of the shower head drain which is supposed to empty the line of water when it is turned off. It sprayed water everywhere. When i went to open one of the bedroom slide windows the handle broke off. The holding tank light indicators lasted about a month and now show full all the time. There is a cable rub on one of the front slides but i was told not to worry i would have to open and close it hundreds of times before any problems would occure, EXCUSE ME did i hear you correct? The problem is the slide is out of adjustment. But keystone was kind enough to email me the directions on how to adjust it. WHAT! Oh, by the way everything i had it in for i had to pay for as there was no warrenty. The bathroom floor heat vent had a stripped screw so by the time i noticed it the flooring had been cut from the vent sliding back and forth. What else i thought. Well the air-conditioner is now rumbling. Guess i will have to replace it. I am not mentioning the small stuff i have had to repair myself. The keystone service and sales departments are just nasty in my view. They have a you bought it you fix it attitude. This is a very nice looking RV but dont be fooled by looks. I will never buy a Keystone again and I do hope others will look these blogs over and take it from us, DO NOT BUY A KEYSTONE PRODUCT. The Keystone company is in bad shape if they put out products that are trash. I have read Keystone is the best and sell more RV setups than any other company. Yea right. I will write more later as things pop up. Oh, forgot to mention, both entry doors when closed has light coming through. So much for a winter RV!!!

  16. Pat Thomas Said:

    We have a 2006 3310 Raptor. Just recently we noticed something going on with the bedroom slide. It looked like it was falling out. Upon inspecting it looks like the floor is rotting out from the outside. We have not seen any problems on the inside. I called Keystone and they said take it to the dealer to submit a claim. We did that today and it was denied. They said that we had not maintained the seal. I do not believe that is where the water is coming in. We are going to have to take it to someone to look at it and replace the floor or do it ourselves. But you can believe it will not be a dealer for Keystone. Just don’t think we should be having these major problems with a 2006 which we bought new. Keystone is suppose to be the best I thought but their campers are put together very cheap as I have found out. you can believe that I will tell everyone I see that is consideri g buying a Keystone how sorry they are.

  17. Jim Huffman Said:

    I have a 2010 Keystone Cougar. Today, I was washing the RV and while on the ladder, decided to take a look up top. Oh crap! The roof has bubbles everywhere and it looks like the structure under the rubber roof is coming apart. Sent an e-mail to Keystone. After reading everyone’s comments, I do not expect any help from Keystone. Thought I was buying a quality product but it looks like a real piece of crap. I plan to file a complaint with my state consumer protection bureau. Also, since the Fed’s have the new Consumer Protection Bureau up and running, I may as well file a complaint there also. If interested, go to . Definitely time to find a lawyer!

  18. Jack Schnurr Said:

    We purchased a used 2010 Keystone Everest this Spring and were thrilled with the design and appearance. The original owner had the unit for less than a year and had taken excellent care of the 5th wheel. We didn’t know why they would have gotten rid of such a beautiful rig is such a short time; of course the warranty had expired at the end of the first year. Initially we felt lucky to have found such a beautiful, “new” unit and for a reasonable price ($45,000). Then the problems started. The plastic housing for the motor that runs the front jacks broke apart, the replacement motor’s housing is now made out of aluminum. Keystone, sorry out of warranty, no help. Cost to repair, $432.42.

    About a month later, while on a trip, I noticed that our fresh water tank had dropped down out of the bottom of the trailer and was resting on the axel of the rig. The repair shop said that the brackets that hold the flanges of the water tank were spaced to far apart and not adequately securing the tank resulting in the fall. After MONTHS of calls, e-mails, sending pictures of the problem, Keystone did promise to reimburse me for the repair bill of $1,132.29, as a goodwill gesture, even though the Everest was out of warranty; I still haven’t received the reimbursement check.
    Next problem, I noticed hydraulic fluid leaking from under the compartment that houses the pump for our slide outs. Of the four hydraulic hoses that run from pump to the slide outs, three had failed and the fourth was near failure, having a large defect in the rubber coating on the line. The repair shop told me that the hoses had been routed too close the the tray had holds our batteries and the hoses had rubbed through causing the failure. The shop questioned why the hoses had not been routed and secured up and away from such an obvious hazard that would cause abrasion of the hoses. Again, I telephoned, sent e-mails, pictures of the problem to Keystone. They told me to call Lippert manufacturing who supplied the hydraulic lines and talk with them about the problem. When I spoke with Lippert, they told me that they didn’t even supply the hydraulic lines for the Everest model of Keystone 5th wheel. I again contacted Keystone, relayed the response from Lippert about them NOT supplying the lines for Everest and again reminded Keystone that this was not a quality issue with the hoses, but a design and workmanship problem with the installation of the hydraulic hoses. They replied that the 5th wheel was out of warranty and that would do nothing to help me. The cost to repair this problem, $2,563.99.

    I am disappointed about my experience with Keystone. Such an obvious workmanship/design problem with the routing of the hydraulic lines, that caused such an expensive problem in less than two years, should be fixed or covered by them. It is too bad that they have such low cororate integrity, but it will catch up with them. I have already warned a friend that was looking at Keystone 5th wheels until I alerted him to my problems; he is no longer interested in their products. All you can do is spread the word and keep other folks from falling into the same trap we fell into.

  19. David Calaman Said:

    I purchased a 2010 Couger 276rls in 2009 from Grumbines RV (part of Camping World). It started out with what I thought was just a few minor issues. What’s bad about it is the fact that everywhere you turned, there were issues. Drawers installed poorly, plumbing installed incorrectly, kept finding glass in the carpet. vinyl on the walls bubbling. I returned the unit to the dealer several times and got it back half repaired. I finally made most of the repairs myself. This morning, I discovered that there had been a leak somewhere in the right rear roof area, and there is damage to both the interior wall board, and the exterior panel. I fear that the damage may be significant. I looked at the sealent around the roof where I think it leaked, and can’t find any deteriorated sealent, but it looks like the original sealent was not properly applied. Of course I’m way out of warrenty, so I suspect I’m going to be out of luck. It is clear by what I’ve found so far, that this is probabaly a Friday unit. The workmanship is not good at all. It looks like whoever did the finish work was in a big hurry.

  20. Myles Racine Said:

    2009 keystone copper canyon330fwret bought used camper was like new. It was our first camper ever first trip from CT to NH the roof started to peel off. Keystone laughed. Easycare extended warranty laughed. Now trying the ins. Also had three leaks as soon as I got it home.

  21. debra roberts Said:

    in my opinion, the keystone co. is one of the worst on earth,mars,jupitor and venus. maybe they should move to uranus where they can be appreciated.

  22. Belle Said:

    I have been camper shopping for awhile now. Usually when i find something that i love, i don’t hesitate. Today was strange, I hesitated and walked away to give it one more night of thought. The Keystone unit was everything I had asked for, but the uneasy feeling was so strong. Well all your posts have definitly helped me decide NOT to purchase the Keystone unit tomorrow! Thanks for sharing

  23. hugh mulholland Said:

    i have a 2009 keystone cougar….I feel your pain. In 2010 when I went in for a safety inspection, it failed…had to replace the brake assembly as the wheel bears had all failed. A year later the front half of the roof membrane had separated from the roof deck….no luck with keystone.

  24. Rick Hardy Said:

    I purchased a used 2005 BHS31 in late 2006 from an RV dealer. I stored it inside my shop for a couple years but have since parked it outside due to available space. In short order, I noticed the carpet was getting wet on the front side wall of the slide out and then started growing some cool looking fungus!!! A friend suggested I lube the popout tracks and afterward it seemed to suck it in tighter when closed and the wet carpet problem went away. When the popout was all the way out, the seal strips didn’t even cover the the top of the popout! I had a repair guy look at it and he said; either the popout was built out of square or the hole cutout wasn’t square! Hmm, wonder why the carpet was getting wet!! Since then, I had a leak start right over the dining table when the popout was all the way out. When I climbed up on the roof to check it out (in the pouring rain), I couldn’t find any problems but almost stepped through the front left corner of the roof!! Now, I’ve discovered the whole front side of the roof wood under the rubber covering is rotted out. I’ve never had a warranty on it so I turned it into my insurance. I have a $100. fault comprehensive claim on it and they originally told me to have a repair shop look at it and take pictures of the damage. (there is NO visible damage). The repair shop told my insurance this and after my insurance told them to open it up and take pictures, called them back the next day (a different adjuster) and said don’t do anything. They’re now going to send an appraiser out to look at it and I suspect tell me they won’t cover the damage! It appears shitty workmanship on Keystones part will bite me in the ass and I’ll be stuck flipping the bill or doing the work myself!!!

  25. David Menke Said:

    Wow I thought it was only me that had a lemon! I bought a 2011 36′ keystone sprinter. It was delivered to me by a dealer from mich some 400 miles away. Upon arrival,the front curtain valance bracket screws pulled out of wall and was hanging. The back slider door was off, and there was water damage to a trim piece of front slideout. I came so close to turning it around cause I had not paid for it yet….just a small deposit. I called salesman,threatened to send it back but he assured me all would be repaired. I actually felt sorry for the contract driver and decided to accept and write 24k check for his sake more than salesman. Nothing but trouble from camper. While local repairman was down fixing these little things,I happened to notice bubbling on front cap around window and asked repairman about it. ….This was a brand new camper now! He looked at it and told me the entire front fiberglass cap had to be replaced! Well, to Keystones credit, they paid for that….over 2k…By the time I got it back my cheap one year warranty was up. Next couple times out I pushed button to extend bedroom slider out…u guessed it. It just clicked. That was on me $500 plus…then…couple months later I went to bring electric canopy in. Motor just clicked. 2 yrs old! Another $500 plus,not to mention me having to manually wind canopy in for travel. I was in no mood to take it back so waited about a yr with no canopy. Floor squeaks where it’s joined, and you can actually feel entire floor sag as you walk cause of cheap construction. Cabinet door hinges fall off from cheap material. I tell my wife…look but do not touch anything! Just made that cheaply. Sad…I liked my 97 jayco better! Top quality by comparison. King size pillow top mattress center had collapsed first year so I replaced it with a “real” home queen mattress. It rests on panneling basically…cheap quality as it gets. Now for the not so funny part which is just rediculous. They actually labled the grey water where the black water was supposed to be and vise versa….imagine that surprise! There is just no excuse for that but shotty workmanship. I’d love to sell it to someone but I know I’ll feel bad! And BTW, my conversations with Keystone warranty lady was horrible. They really DON’T care about their customers after you own it. Will never buy another Keystone product. They’ll get just what they deserve. Oh BTW, my electric stabilizers no longer work so I lower by hand…not about to give dealer another $500 plus.

  26. Gary Davis Said:

    What insurance company covered the roof damage? I’m having the same problem with my 2005 Keystone Outback. And the cap and rear panel are delamed as well.

  27. C.J. Said:

    well good people, I will add another Keystone horror story. We were so proud to get our first camper a 2011 Cougar Xlite. NOT so proud anymore. The roof has separated like some of yours. The floor is falling in and the outside walls are separating. Its only going on 5 years old. It LOOKS brand new on inside. I take very good care of it. Before we found out this one was falling apart, I had found a new larger Cougar,that I really wanted. Not now.will have to sink mega bucks into this one and hang on to it.NO MORE KEYSTONE.

  28. Gary Hammond Said:

    I to have a Keystone Raptor 2015 big pos I have a 2 dollar bolt broke on the step the dealer nor Keystone wanted to fix it this is the cheapest thing that has broken or quit working never again

  29. Peggy Popham Said:

    I read problems you been having with your keystone product RV I have a bad roof that is pulling away from the walls the Rudus has come unwelded our electric is bad turn your bedroom light on and the TV goes off we have loss 300. Dollars of food because of electric going off if you use your living room air conditioner when this happen we were out of town tried to get keystone to stand behind their unit 5th wheel brought it brand new 2013 they wouldn’t wasn’t there probably hired a lawyer to get them to fix or buy it back nope it didn’t happen been paying on it in May will be 4 yrs haven’t even pulled 500.hundred miles sold our home to travel raised our children and retired wanted to just enjoy our life right now we are paying 145. In storage can’t pull it afraid the roof will blow off are the walls will crave in . We replaced the air conditioner in the bedroom and had work done on living room replaced the septic tank it crack and had sewage in our belly full of it had to replace the leveler it went out replace the microwave water filling up our ceiling light had to replace that which had mold the RV repair person said it had probably been leaking before we brought it. So if you are thinking buying a product that Keystone builds you better think twice because they do not stand by anything they built I’m not the only one that feels this away look and shop and read a lot of reviews they will tell you stay away from them they are bad.

  30. Billie Stephens Said:

    We bought our 2005 Keystone Sprinter new. The tires were under rated, so after replacing everyone and upgrading to “E” we no longer suffer from blowouts. We replaced the bathtub in the first few years and have replaced with a total of 3 bathtubs. We need to replace the current bathtub. While sitting on the john, I noticed the floor looked strange. My husband and I opened up the storage under the bathroom floor. I noticed that one side of the floor had a pony wall for support, but the other that runs under the tub, had none. Now it is obvious that the floor is the cause of the bathtub failures. We have put in fiberglass tubs and replaced the flimsy styrofoam and thin plywood table support that was original to the keystone bathtub, to no avail. The reason for the bathtub failure was not apparent till the floor dropping was obvious, now 12 years later. We are full timers so our unit has had it’s fair share of wear and tear. However, we have had many things fail on this unit. Tires, Landing gear motor, interior lights, TV wiring, plumbing leaks, not to mention the MANY RV accessories that are far below the standard for the same household items and yet far above the price for the same. Fortunately, my husband was in the construction industry and we have done most of our own repairs, I guess living in it and not being able to have the keystone in the shop, was a plus! We did not suffer the problems with dealers and repair shops that others have had. Probably the fact that we replaced all parts that we could with homeowner grade parts instead of RV parts, kept us from future repairs. I guess we were lucky that we never had a roof failure, but the life of our roof is nearly over and we will replace this summer. Seems that the complete failure of the keystone was timed for the end of our loan. Hmmmm?

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